School Improvement

Wyoming Valley West School District is required to notify parents that they have the option of School Choice when their child's school is in improvement status.  School Choice means that you may choose to send your child to another public school in the Wyoming Valley West School District.  State Street Elementary Center has been identified for school improvement based the school not making Adequate Yearly Progress on the PSSA for 2008-09 school year for the IEP subgroup.  

Please know that the staff at State Street Elementary has a relationship with your child and want to continue serving your child all the way through fifth grade. However, if you feel your child will be better served in another school in the district, you may request a transfer for your child to one of the following schools: (1) Pringle Elementary, or (2) Schuyler Elementary. 


If you would like to request that your child be transferred to one of these other schools, please complete the "Request for School Transfer" form, available at the school and return the form to Wyoming Valley West Central Office at 450 North Maple Ave., Kingston, Pa 18704 by October 2009. The district will respond to your request by November, 2009 with written notice regarding your child's school assignment and transportation availability. You then will have an opportunity to communicate whether you accept the approved choice or want your child to remain at State Street Elementary. If you do not complete this form and return it by October 31, 2009, we will assume that your child will remain at State Street Elementary. If a requested transfer is approved, your child will be permitted to attend the choice school until he or she completes the fifth grade.


State Street Elementary Center - School Choice - 2009-10


Number of students eligible for school choice - 580

Number of students who participated - 0